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What Makes Us Different !!

What You See Is What You Get. At boatsandrides you get what is promised. Don't fall prey to tricksters who would get you to share your ride with other people against what was promised initially. We value your dignity and promise to serve you for every penny you spend.

We offer deluxe, premium and luxury services. We give you our own personal assurance that you get to avail the facility you pay for to the fullest.

We serve fresh tender coconuts for a welcome drink, rather than opting lime which comes at a cheaper price. You get to relish from a basket holding an assortment of a wide variety of fresh handpicked fruits.

We don't prefer treating you with fish that is available plentifully and cheap, instead we prefer serving authentic and tastier dishes made from spot fish and the like.

We provide lunch breaks extending upto an hour.

Our houseboats are all well maintained on a regular basis and renovated every year.

We lay emphasis on hygiene thus offering clean and crisp bedspreads',napkins,towels etc.

Customers get to deal directly with the boat owner; we do not hire or entertain brokers or middlemen. The money you spend will be utilized solely in entertaining you

Safety is always our chief concern and we always keep in mind that "a thing of beauty is a joy forever" thus allowing ample time for our clients to enjoy the beauty and serenity of the places we tour to by maintaining our speeds at a medium pace.

Now the most nagging question that would pop up in your mind would be with regards to the privacy settings during the course of your ride, it is all well taken care of at boatsandrides. We assure you a safe intrusion- proof ride throughout. The crew members are all well experienced and will be in the best of their behaviors constantly and would always be happy to help. That would rule out any fears of encountering a drunk misbehaved crew.

There are over  1500 Houseboats and about 300 Houseboat operators and providers  in Alleppey. So you have plenty to choose from. While deciding on the boat you want, one needs to be  fully certain of the Quality of the Houseboat and its service. The rates of the Houseboats vary from Operator to Operator. A better houseboat wil definitely cost you more. A sharp bargain may adversely affect  the Quality of Service and Cruise. A few operators tend to reduce the rates after a bargain, often at a risk of compromising the quality of service provided.

Ofcourse all these delicacies certainly come with a price.We don't believe in compromising the quality of our services by lowering our tariffs.

We promise to offer the best services that could ever be available in the industry.

Now the decision is solely yours, but we believe that you wouldn't compromise your comfort and safety for the sake of cheaper tariffs that are available elsewhere.